Your service to our country is invaluable, so the least we can do is help you secure a VA home loan. A VA loan is a $0 down mortgage option available to Veterans, service members, and eligible military spouses. While we help you secure your loan, it is guaranteed by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).

Most veterans have spent their time protecting our country rather than building up their credit or saving for a down payment, and we understand this. If this sounds like you, a VA mortgage allows you to purchase a home — or even build a home — with a minimal down payment and a fair interest rate.

Like all home loans, there are many details to examine and explore when determining whether it’s the right match for you. However, with the right team by your side, you’ll be surprised at how much we can do for you as you work toward your new home.

A few things you should know about your VA home loan:

  • The VA conducts an appraisal, but this is not intended to be an inspection.
  • There are price caps and stipulations regarding the home’s use — for example, you cannot use a VA home loan for a vacation or rental property, but can use it for your primary residence.
  • There are minimum credit requirements (although much lower than standard home loans) and debt to income ratio is considered. The VA does offer financial counseling services to assist with meeting obligations and securing your financial future.
  • You must meet minimum military service requirements and have been discharged under honorable conditions, retired, or have a service-connected disability. To learn more about service requirements, visit the VA eligibility site online.

At Guaranteed Rate, Danny Delgado and his team understand the ins and outs of VA home loans and can help you take full advantage of your benefits. Please get in touch with the Guaranteed Rate team today to get started and receive your free initial consultation.